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Please bring the following documents in order to file the Business Tax:*
1.Twelve months of bank statements (January-December).
2.Profit and loss statement and balance sheet.
3.Copy of cancelled checks.
4.Inventory valuation report as of December 31.
5.Any loan agreements and loan balances as of December 31.
6.Any credit card balances and vendor balances as of December 31.
7.All the valuation of assets (cash, furniture and fixtures, computers, equipment, cars, freezes, security deposits etc).
8.General ledger (receipts, bills, invoices etc).
9.Accounts receivable report as of December 31.

Please bring the following documents in order to file the Personal Tax:*

1.Copy of Social Security Numbers of tax payers, spouses and children.
2.Copy of Identification Number of each tax payer.
3.Work Authorization Card.
4.Proof of Income (W-2 and 1099).
5.Interest income (1099-Interest) from bank.
6.Investment or brokerage account statements for stock, bonds etc.
7.Copy of Birth Certificate of children who are qualified for EIC credit.
8.Marriage Certificate.
9.Bank statements and cancelled checks for Self-Employed business (Cab Driver, Street Vendor, Independent Contractor etc).
10.Rental income from house.
11.Profit or loss report from house.
12.Void copy of personal check for E-file.
13.Credit card settlement (Cancellation of debt 1099-C).
14.1098-T (Tuition Fee).
* Additional documents may be required based on required tax. Payers may call to inquire.

In order to file Quarterly Payroll tax (941, NYS-45 and MTA-305), please provide us the following information before tax due date:*

Gross salary of each employee (weekly, biweekly or monthly).
W-4 (Withholding Certificate) of each employee.
Blank Check (E-file purpose).
* This applies to new clients only, not existing ones.

In order to file Sales Tax, we need the following documents:

At least 3 months of original bank statements or daily sales record.
Copy of Sales Certificate.
Blank check for E-file purpose.
Copy of State Identification.

We apply for the following licenses and permits for our valuable clients:*

Restaurant Wine and Beer
Full Bar License
Grocery Beer
Lotto, Cigarette
EBT and WIC License
Grocery License (Agriculture License)
Street Vendor License
Liquor Store
Employment Agency License
Enhancement Appearance License
Sidewalk (Stoop Line) Permit
Sidewalk Cafe
Electronics Store
Restaurant Permit
* Please note that we apply for all kinds of business licenses in addition to those listed above. You may inquire at our office about other licenses.

We provide services to register the following types of new businesses:

Corporation (Profit Corporation)
Limited Liability Company (LLC, LLP, FLLP etc.)
Not-For-Profit Corporation

We help people just like you find the bookkeeping help they can bank on. We offer:
Monthly Bookkeeping Services
Financial Concierge Services
Virtual Bookkeeping
Bookkeeping Systems
QuickBooks Help & Support

We will review your entire financial portfolio, assess the areas that need improvement, and prepare a comprehensive financial plan for you to follow. Areas covered include budget, insurance, investments, retirement, and college education.

We provide tax litigation and settlement service for the back taxes to our valued clients.

Personal April 17, 2014
Partnership April 17, 2014
Corporation (Calender) March 15, 2014
Payroll (Quarterly) (Jan-March)-April 31, 2013
Payroll (Quarterly) (April-June)-July 31, 2013
Payroll (Quarterly) (July-Sept)-October 31, 2013
Payroll (Quarterly) (Oct-December)-January 31, 2013
Payroll (Annually)-January 31, 2013
Sales (Quarterly) (March-May)-June 20, 2013
Sales (Quarterly) (June-August)-September 20, 2013
Sales (Quarterly) (September-November)-December 20, 2013
Sales (Quarterly) (November-January)-February 20, 2014
Sales (Annually) December-February (March 20, 2014)